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The sophistication of our infrastructure is a result of three components -

1 The latest innovative technology
2 Skilled and well-qualified staff
3 And lastly, an efficient R&D department.

For any company to increase its profitability, it must adapt to the new changes while keeping in touch with its conventional morals and values. It is what we at Tu-Lok are good at doing! The infrastructure of our company is on par with global footing. And today, the rate of production has also increased in momentum, giving us an advantage over the last few years. As a team, we believe in innovation and perfecting conventional techniques. Our proactiveness is what makes our innovation special. Because we understand the concept of ever-evolving needs, we like to work on various kinds of businesses and offer customized solutions. And our state of the art manufacturing unit allows us to work for new emerging start-ups. Set across a sprawling area of 12000 sqft, our factory houses the latest technology, including cutting machines, lathe machines, CNC machines, Special purpose machines, Finishing tools along with Welding machines. Along with a production unit, our team consists of various task-based operational departments. These departments perform vital operations such as procurement, planning & product development, manufacturing, quality control, and testing as well as packing.

However, all this is not possible without our talented staff. From our management team to our vendors, our company immerses itself as a team in goal-directed behavior. And so our staff makes it possible to solve every query in a very professional and satisfactory manner. Due to rigorous screening procedures at our company, only the best individuals make it as staff members. Our staff consists of highly motivated and well-trained individuals with many years of experience. From engineers to laborers, the channels of communication at our company remains very transparent. Hence, we can deliver the best products to our clients. And because we are transparent in our dealings, businesses including oil and gas, marine engineering, textile industries prefer purchasing our products. Since the requirements for different industries are separate, our clients can discuss their concerns with our in-house engineers and sales team. From the price-related queries to product development, our staff undergoes training to learn how to deal with them in a very professional and courteous manner. At Tu-Lok, we put the safety of our employees ahead. Therefore, the factory conducts frequent internal audits to conform to the safety regulations set by governing bodies. To optimize the output of the machinery and to meet the requirements, the machines are thoroughly checked and calibrated. It is a task that is seen by the responsible in-house engineers in our company. Calibrating the equipment also helps to fine-tune the setting into yielding good results.

The R&D experts excel at determining both - the current needs as well as the future requirements of the clients. Hence, our company has frequent inter-departmental collaborations to yield better and more efficient products. Our in-house R&D team not only researches products but also aids in the identification of prospective buyers for the said products.

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