Sales Representative
Requirement - A Candidate with knowledge about hydraulics.

Job description We require a candidate who can efficiently develop marketing strategies. A team player, he/she will be responsible for organizing marketing campaigns, exhibitions, and promotional events. The candidate must be intuitive and creative while posting banners, posters, etc. on social media, tv. The candidate will attend exhibitions for product promotions. He/she must be adept at market research and analysis. The ability to assess trends, brand awareness, and check out the competition with an initiative behavior is a mandate. Other tasks include preparing data relating to marketing & other promotional activity, newsletters. Lastly, we are on the hunt for candidates with experience in digital marketing.

Sales Engineer
Requirement - A Candidate with knowledge about hydraulics. Language skills are a must! The candidate must be fluent in English.

Job description We require a candidate who has done deploma in metallurgy. Since the candidate will handle clients, he must have a solution based attitude and resolve queries posed by the client. He/she must produce a sales pitch with the use of effective marketing strategies. The candidate is to attend tradeshows, fairs, conferences, seminars, etc.  He/ she must monitor the activities of a competitor company while devising strategies. An Analytical behavior with good client followup skills and determining sales goals is a must. Superior organizational skills, multi-tasking, and in-depth knowledge of hydraulic systems are appreciated.

Engineer Manufacturing
Requirement - A Candidate with a BSc degree in a relevant area with continuous training and in-depth knowledge of hydraulics along with  3+ years of experience in a production unit.

Job description Willing to learn of the best industrial practices and standards - by the candidate for the application. Problem solver and analytical thinker, who can improvise the existing method while optimizing the product. Someone who can assess the capacity and equipment, train support staff, including - technicians, engineers as well as other non-technical associates. Regular checking, calibration, and maintenance of equipment to achieve delivery quantity minus any defects. The candidate is to solve buyer queries, including technical questions, manufacturing processes, in-plant manufacturing costs, and product-lines. The candidate must be able to establish a chain of communication with drafters, technicians, engineers, and deliver a progress report to management during team meetings.

Lead Analyst: Supply Chain & Business Process
Requirement - A Candidate with 3+ years of experience in previous SCM or customer service related positions. The candidate must have experience in MS office and must, in particular, possess superior Microsoft Excel skills, with an aptitude for problem-solving and organizing.

Job description We require an individual who has previous experience in SCM or supply chain management, someone who can utilize customer service skills to collude across multi-chain departments and actively be a part of decisions. A sound decision-maker who can result in decisions that benefit the company, while cataloging and organizing data. The candidate must have a flair for business and be aware of the competitors’ products within the market. The candidate must have relevant experience and practice with project management processes, including the use of improvement tools such as Lean, Six Sigma, Microsoft Office Suite, SAP, as well as statistics. A multi-tasker, he/she must be a team player and show aptitude in adapting to uncertain demands or change in the market place. A team player, ability to multi-task, and use complex systems and processes, while also managing the ever-evolving demand of the market.

Human Resources Manager
Requirement - Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree specializing in human resources or labor relations, with an experience of 3+ years in HRM. 

Job description We are searching for an experienced individual, comfortable leading an HR team. A person who is computer literate and has software skills, including Microsoft Office, Org Plus, etc. A people person with good interpersonal skills. As a keen problem solver, the candidate will manage and maintain business relationships via interviews, facilitation, as well as presentation skills. The skills we look for in our candidate include attention to detail, exceptional customer assistance, and ownership. The candidate must have excellent oral and written communication/ language skills.