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In today's ever-changing world, we understand the value of offering fast-paced, customized solutions to our clients. And the foundation of our company forms the basis of this analogy. United by this common goal, our company was founded by Mr. Atul Bhansali, in the year 2016. Our goal is not only to offer great products but also to make the purchase experience of our buyers unique. Keeping this in mind, our founders founded Tube Clamps India Pvt. Ltd. to satisfy our client's needs by offering them custom-tailored solutions.

The portfolio of our company includes several additions including, - smart hydraulics, engineering, and electronic solutions. With the support of 80 staff, our company works like a well-oiled machine to deliver only the highest quality product to our buyers. Right from the responsibly sourced product by our procurement team to our quality control team, many businesses have lauded our work. And they appreciate the fact that we are transparent in all our dealings. With a well-established channel of communication, our clients can connect with us anytime. Our management and our staff, together form a competent and formidable team.  The clarity and high level of efficiency make us one of the most innovative yet sought after manufacturers. And because we value initiative behavior, we like to have our research and development team collaborate with the other teams to understand the current requirements of the hour. We frequently have testing and quality checks to maintain high-quality standards. The quality system we have set-up in place, permits us to sustain ourselves in today's market, despite sudden and unaccounted changes that may occur. Aside from good rapport with our clients, we foster good relationships with both - our employees and our vendors.  A company's success is only so long as it functions well internally. With a dynamic and highly diverse support staff, our company seeks to offer the best solutions to newly emerging businesses. Our company works with the best vendors locally while supporting green initiatives.  As a client, you can get assurance that our company sources raw materials responsibly from our vendors while maintaining fair trade practices.

Businesses in current times run not only with the tangibles, but the intangibles like customer connection and good service. Hence, the staff in our company does the best to offer you personalized solutions while giving your business undivided attention. Today, our clients leap across industries like marine engineering, textile, the food & beverage industry, oil & natural gas, petroleum, nuclear, power generation, and many more.

Mr. Atul Bhansali (Managing Director) is a former Irrigation Engineer at MWRRA with over 35 years of experience in water pipelines and Canals.

Mr. Raj Jain (Director Sales) After completing his M-Tech Degree from Ahmedabad Institute of Technology in 1991 worked with multinational companies.

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 At Tu-Lok, we use various international standards to produce our products, including DIN, AISI, ASTM, ASME, etc. However, the fact that no two businesses are alike keeps us innovative in offering solutions suited to that particular business. Moreover, our support staff is well trained to understand and receive custom orders. We consider the well-trained and highly experienced engineers in our company as an asset as they work hard to offer our buyers solutions that fit their needs. Apart from satisfying all your queries - our engineers work tirelessly to effectuate the performance of the product while keeping the cost factor in check.  

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